PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS   Within the Film & Electronic Arts program, students choose one of two tracks:  PRODUCTION or HISTORY & CRITICISM.  For Moderation each prospective major in production presents to the board a creative portfolio (15-20 minutes of completed films, videos and/or other electronic artworks). Each prospective major in history & criticism presents a 10-page historical/critical essay. The Senior Project in production can take a variety of forms: 1) a work in film or video, 2) a media installation, 3) a media-enriched live performance, or 4) an online project or new media work designed in conjunction with the student’s advisor. The Senior Project in history & criticism takes the form of an extended, in-depth, historical/critical essay.

PRODUCTION Moderation Requirements: 

1.  Film history course

2.  Film history course

3.  200-level Film or electronic media production workshop, preferably an introductory motion picture production course (FILM 208 Introduction to16mm Film OR FILM 207 Introduction to Video)

4.  200-level Film or electronic media production workshop

Students must complete at least one film history course before they may take a production course. Students should take one production course in each semester of the sophomore year. 

PRODUCTION Graduation Requirements: 

6.  A film-relevant science laboratory, computer science, or social science course (e.g. PHYS 216 Acoustics, CMSC 117 Introduction to Computing: Interactive Systems, ANTH 287 Science, Technology and Culture)

7.  FILM 208 Introduction to 16mm Film (or another 200 or 300 level production course, if 16mm Film Production has been completed prior to moderation)

8.  300-level Film or electronic media production workshop

9.  300-level Film history course

10.  Senior Seminar I (no credit)

11.  Senior Seminar II (no credit)

12.  Senior Project I

13.  Senior Project II

HISTORY & CRITICISM Moderation Requirements:

1.  Film history course

2.  Film history course

3.  Film history course

4.  200-level Film or electronic media production workshop (sophomore year)

HISTORY & CRITICISM Graduation Requirements:

5.  Course outside the program related to proposed Senior Project work

6.  300-level Film history course (junior year)

7.  300-level Film history course (junior year)

8.  Senior Project I

9.  Senior Project II

Additional upper level requirements for history & criticism are charted in consultation with one’s adviser.