PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS   Within the Film & Electronic Arts program, students choose one of two tracks:  PRODUCTION or HISTORY & CRITICISM.  For Moderation each prospective major in production presents to the board a creative portfolio (15-20 minutes of completed films, videos and/or other electronic artworks). Each prospective major in history & criticism presents a 10-page historical/critical essay. The Senior Project in production can take a variety of forms: 1) a work in film or video, 2) a media installation, 3) a media-enriched live performance, or 4) an online project or new media work designed in conjunction with the student’s advisor. The Senior Project in history & criticism takes the form of an extended, in-depth, historical/critical essay.

PRODUCTION Moderation Requirements: 

1.  Film history course

2.  Film history course

3.  200-level Film or electronic media production workshop, preferably an introductory motion picture production course (FILM 208 Introduction to16mm Film OR FILM 207 Electronic Media Workshop)

4.  200-level Film or electronic media production workshop

Students must complete at least one film history course before they may take a production course. Students should take one production course in each semester of the sophomore year. 

PRODUCTION Graduation Requirements: 

5. FILM 208 Introduction to 16mm Film (or another 200 or 300 level production course, if Introduction to 16mm Film has been completed prior to moderation)

6.  300-level Film or electronic media production workshop

7.  300-level Film history course

8.  Senior Seminar I (no credit)

9.  Senior Seminar II (no credit)

10.  Senior Project I

11.  Senior Project II

HISTORY & CRITICISM Moderation Requirements:

1.  Film history course

2.  Film history course

3.  Film history course

4.  200-level Film or electronic media production workshop (sophomore year)

HISTORY & CRITICISM Graduation Requirements:

5.  Course outside the program related to proposed Senior Project work

6.  300-level Film history course (junior year)

7.  300-level Film history course (junior year)

8.  Senior Project I

9.  Senior Project II

Additional upper level requirements for history & criticism are charted in consultation with one’s adviser.