Julia Meltzer

Tuesday, February 27th, 2018   –   5pm   –   Ottaway Theater

Julia Meltzer is an award-winning filmmaker and the founder and director of Clockshop, an arts organization in Los Angeles. She has directed two feature films and multiple short films, many of which were produced in Syria both before and after the war. Meltzer lived in Damascus, Syria from 2005-2006 as a Senior Fulbright Fellow teaching journalism and filmmaking at the University of Damascus.  Her film and video work has been broadcast on POV as part of the 25th anniversary season and, most recently, as the opening film of the 30th anniversary season. She has exhibited at the Whitney Biennial, the Sharjah Biennial, the Los Angeles Film Festival, The Toronto International Film Festival, and the Rotterdam International Film Festival. Meltzer is a recipient of grants from the Rockefeller Media Arts Fellowship and the John Simon Memorial Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship. She has taught at Hampshire College, UC Irvine and the California Institute of the Arts.

Dalya’s Other Country tells the nuanced story of members of a family displaced by the Syrian conflict who are remaking themselves after the parents separate. Effervescent teen Dalya goes to Catholic high school and her mother, Rudayna, enrolls in college as they both walk the line between their Muslim values and the new world in which they find themselves.


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